Studfarm d`Akhal, France, Akhal-teke horses
Dans l’Est de la France, sur les coteaux du Toulois, entre vignoble et cristal, au carrefour de l’Europe, l’ELEVAGE D'AKHAL a trouvé son havre de paix!

Soheyl de Gasc

(Junuwich - Altinai)








160-160-179-19.5 (2015)


I class I cat.

place of birth


Information about horse

Type - 7.6 & conformation - 8.0

Palomino Soheyl de Gasc was born in France at private breeder. He is unusual combination between pure line El (without Sovkhoz 2nd blood) and new line Gundogar (out from Gelishikli line). His father Yunuwich was used not so wide during his life, but gave some very powerful and massive children, and some of them have success in sport. 

Mother of Soheyl was born in Russia and is daughter of famous stallion Garem, who used very widely in USSR, produced more than 70 horses and is the main continuer of line Gundogar. Many of his children was great racers, champions of breed and almost all got breeding purpose. 

Soheyl de Gasc is medium size stallion, with very correct conformation and with rare metallic shine color. Since 4 year old he participate in many jumping competitions for young horses and showed very good results. He have not only good jumping ability, but also very good movements in all 3 gaits. His trot is with the big capture of space and with very good push from back legs, gallop is correct and “uphill”. 

Soheyl will be offered for covering mares in 2017 at Breviaires'stud in fresh insemination. 

Titles in championship

  • 3rd place in french championship in 2015


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