Studfarm d`Akhal, France, Akhal-teke horses
Dans l’Est de la France, sur les coteaux du Toulois, entre vignoble et cristal, au carrefour de l’Europe, l’ELEVAGE D'AKHAL a trouvé son havre de paix!

About us

On the slopes of Toul, between vineyard and crystal, at the crossroads of Europe (Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany and Switzerland to 2 hours), the Akhal Stud found his haven of peace. In this region steeped in history (Toul, Celtic Leucques capital of Gaul Belgium), the Akhal-Teke Horse, whose origins date back to the fifth century B.C., has its place. Stallions, mares and foals can relax in meadows, paddocks and work in the indoor and outdoor manege.

These horses, whose line reminiscent of greyhounds, with silver or golden highlights, delight in the eastern regions: the hilly terrain allow them to exploit their natural balance and clay - limestone soils give their all minerals and trace elements necessary for their proper development.

Heloise GHIRARDI aims to elevate and promote the breed in France and Europe. His breeding wants amateur and family: each foal is handled from an early age and followed very closely.

 Akhal  Stud seeks to promote the breed by participating in events such as :

  • Breed Championships in France and Europe.
  • the french national championship for colored horses
  • regional and national breeding competition SHF 
  • regional, national and european equestrian fairs

and also to develop the breed through sports competitions :

  • the competitions for young horses SHF : in endurance and show jumping  (up to national final at Fontainbleau)
  • for adults : in Hunter, endurance and show jumping (up to 110 cm GP)

Deeply involved in the life of this breed, she is President of the Akhal Teke associatin France (ATF) and Member of the Studbook committee.
She is also investing in Europe : Member of the Association Atha (Akhal Teke Horse Association), Member of ATZF Association (Achal Tekkiner Zuchter und Freunde) and Honorary Member of the Association ATI (Akhal Teke Italia) with which she regularly has exchanges.
Finally, she registered its approach in the equestrian sector following seminars like France Dressage in 2011 on horses judgments and becoming member of the Regional Association of breeders as ADECLOR through which she can present its horses to competitions of SHF breeding. She is also shareholder SCIC Haras de Rosières aux Salines.


In August 2010, she participated in the creation of the International Association of Akhal-Teke Horse in Turkmenistan which is a member of the Board.

In august 2014, she participate in Opening ceremony of the WEG in Normandy.